Book Review: Bi-Normal by M.G. Higgins


This books is about a teenage boy in high school named Brett Miller. He is totally “normal.” He is on the football team and has a totally hot girlfriend. His life is pretty average until he meets Zach.

I thought this book was pretty good. I didn’t love it because Brett acted like a jerk most of the time even though he is going through a struggle. I think this is for older kids because kids in middle school might not understand some of the content or feel uncomfortable. It is realistic fiction. It’s also not part of a series.

Reviewed by Madison – grade 7.


Book Review: Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg


Macallan and Levi are two new best friends that have just met in 7th grade. This book follows the story of the two best friends, with ups and downs, and especially romance issues.

I LOVED this book. The two perspectives of the story are both grasping and very distinctive. The story is very realistic, and doesn’t rush things for the ages. It’s fictional and a standalone. It was a very lighthearted book and good if you’re suffering from a book hangover. Recommended for ages 12-16.

Reviewed by Maggie – 7th grade.

Book Review: The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone


When Louise gets a love note she doesn’t know what to think. She suspects the neighborhood pizza boy and while deciding if she likes him she uncovers the secrets and memories to a story she made herself forget.

I love the way the author describes friendship. Louise and her friends give a really good example of what a true friendship is and means. However, the character acted too young for her age and the book was too predictable. Also, some sections didn’t contribute to the story and the book went off topic a lot.

I’d rate it two stars –  I’ve read a lot better. I was disappointed at how good the author’s other books were and how young this book seemed.

Reviewed by Madison, age 14