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Slam! by Nick Hornby

Slam! by Nick Hornby

Sam is the sixteen year old son of a mom who had him when she was still in her teens. He’s a nice guy, a good artist, and is a skater. Lately, he has taken to confessing his secrets to a poster of Tony Hawk that hangs in his bedroom. Unexpectedly, he meets Alicia and falls hard for her. They hang out incessantly for a short time, but then their interest in each other wanes. When Alicia contacts him after they’ve broken up to tell him that she is pregnant, he is terrified and hasn’t the first idea of what to do. Not even Tony Hawk seems to have any good advice for him. Then, in a twist, Sam wakes up one day and finds that everything has changed and that the future has arrived — he has decisions he has to make.

¬†Hornby has written several books for adults, including High Fidelity (which was made into a movie with John Cusack and Jack Black) and About a Boy. This is his first for teens, and with Sam, he’s created a funny, thoughtful, and smart character.