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Book Review: The Centaur’s Daughter by Ellen Abbott

(Sequel to Watersmeet)

Still coming to terms with the loss of her father and her newfound home, Absina is shocked when the seemingly perfect community of Watersmeet becomes as divided and hateful as the village she once fled. Now, Absinia must reunite the lands of Uran and Watersmeet, all while adjusting to some startling changes and feelings she is undergoing.

I liked that Absina’s character is as relateable as always, It is easy to connect with her and the situation seems like it happens right outside the door. There was nothing I didn’t like about this book. The cover design features an image of Absina’s face and it immediately made me connect it with Watersmeet. The hooves are a nice, subtle touch of foreshadowing. This is an absolutely stunning companion to Watersmeet. No bookshelf is complete without it.

I admire the way Ellen Abbott is able to weave powerful lessons on prejudice into her works. The lessons never come across as “preachy,” but sink in gradually. As Absina accepts who she is and her role in everybody’s future, it is hard to think back upon the first few chapters of Watersmeet and remember how much she hated and feared dwarves, centaurs, and the rest of the ill-named “beasts.” I was not expecting a sequel and was therefore excited to find The Centaur’s Daughter. I always wondered what happened after the battle with the white worm, how Absina dealt with the death of her father and if she became Keeper. This book answered those questions but left me with more, as well as a sense of eagerness — with the cliffhanger ending, I know there must be another book on the way!

– Reviewed by Marissa, age 14


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Blood: Book One in the Mercian Trilogy by K.J. Wignall

A boy named William is turned into a vampire at the age of 16, when the year was 1256. I like that this book was always keeping you at the edge of your seat. I didn’t like that I couldn’t read the second book right away! I’d recommend this book to fantasy lovers of the ages of 13 and up. I rate it 5 stars — I loved it!

-Reviewed by Vanessa L., age 13

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Book Review: The Jewel of the Kalderash by Marie Rutkoski

This title will be released October 25, 2011

This book is about a girl named Petra Kronos , but you see, she was no ordinary girl! She had a pet tin spider named Astrophil who liked to hide in her hair and give her advice.

I like that this is different than any book you will ever read. I don’t like that I think it was the last book in the series, but I don’t want it to be. If you need a really good book, pick up the first in this series called The Cabinet of Wonders.

I’d rate it 5 stars — I loved it!

Reviewed by Vanessa L., age 13