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Book to Movie Review

By a Summer Learning Program Participant



The book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was very good. It was descriptive and you really got to know the characters well. It really brought a made up world to life. It made talking animals seem very real, and after you read it you almost expected your pet to start talking. I think that the book was way better.

The movie was very loosely based on the book. They put in a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the book. But I will say, they had pretty amazing graphics, making a lot of the made up animals and people look real. The movie is very good as long as you haven’t read the book and have something to compare it to.

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Two Book to Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a Summer Learning Program Participant


THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien

The movie and the book were both really good, but in the movie there were multiple love scenes where in the book there were none.


GARFIELD by Jim Davis

I read Garfield and I watched the movie and I liked the book better because it was more funny and not so realistic.

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Review: One Piece – Volume One

One of the options for our Summer Learning Challenges this year is to write a review of a book you’re reading. Here is the first one we’ve received from one of our awesome participants this summer:


I like the fighting and action in this book. I don’t like it when they always make a joke before they fight — I sometimes like it but not always. I don’t always like having the question corner before every chapter either. I sometimes like reading the question corner because sometimes it answers some questions I had. Other than that, the book One Piece, Volume One is a great book!

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