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Book Review: The Bridge by Jane Higgins

The Bridge - Jane Higgins





Nik is positive that his future is secure- after high school, he will be recruited for the Internal Security and Intelligence services and will do his part in the war to keep the hostiles on the other side of the bridges from overtaking the city side. But when his school is bombed, and his friend’s young brother is kidnapped, Nik will embark on a journey that will open his eyes to the truth about the war — and himself. 

This was an example of how two sides of the same event can be racially different. The characters were strong, with unique traits that made them three dimensional. However, while it was written with skill and description, there was not much emotional connection. With the turbulent events, some more focus on communicating and transferring the emotions to the reader would’ve been nice.

Perhaps I am less struck by this novel because I have recently read a slew of “divided city” books. This one follows the basic pattern, though the author does a worthy job of creating characters and adding plot twists. Recommended for readers 12 and older.

Reviewed by Marissa, grade 11


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