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Book Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa


The follow up book to The Immoral Rules, this book is a labyrinth. With changes and unexpected events springing out of every corner, you will not be bored when reading. Allie is chasing after the evil, insane, cruel vampire Sarren, who has kidnapped her Sire, Kanin and is torturing him for his sins. Determined to rescue him, Allie has tracked him across the country after delivering a band of humans to the safety of the city Eden. After meeting up with her ‘brother’, the unsavory and heartless Jackal, and her human love, Zeke, they prepare for a final battle, while trying to cure the disease that is wiping out the humans. 

An incredible addition to a phenomenal series. This book has gore and action as well as romance and friendship, which balance out perfectly. With a fast-moving plot that never remains in a straight line, I wait anxiously for the next installment. Once you read the ending, you’ll see why. 12  & up.

Reviewed by Marissa, grade 11


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