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Book Review: Every Day by David Levithan


“A” inhabits a new body every morning. When he wakes up, he could be in the body of a dancer, a wrestler, or a druggie. Gender doesn’t matter, though A is male. Age, however, always stays near his own, around 16. He tries to coast through lives affecting them as little as possible, but when he wakes up in the body of Justin and meets his girlfriend, Rhiannon, he becomes determined to stay near her, no matter what it takes. Can a love that changes form every day survive? 

This story bored me for the most part. The plot remained the same for much of the story. New body, new location, same need to see Rhiannon. She is uncomfortable because of the body switching; he aches to be with her. They fight, they make up. They are uncertain. This is an original thought, but a timeless and stagnant plot. 9 & up

Reviewed by Marissa, grade 11


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