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Book Review: Solstice by PJ Hoover


Piper lives in a world of intense heat, limited water, and dying earth. Global warming spiked 18 years ago, and all Piper remembers is cracked earth, heat bubbles, and the constant moving. New cities, new greenhouses to sustain her mother’s — and her — green thumb that is nearly magic, and always chased by the threat of her ‘terrorist father’. Finally 18, Piper is eager to escape her mother’s incredibly overprotective embrace. Never allowed to date, Piper takes a risk — or two — when two guys start to compete for her. But as always, nothing is what it seems, and Piper’s life may have been nothing but an extended lie. 

A brilliant and compelling creation that melds sci-fi, Greek mythology, and romance, I could not put down this book. Filled with more twists than the labyrinth of the Minotaur, P.J. Hoover creates a somehow realistic tale that is blatantly mythical. Highly recommended to any fans of mythology, provided that they’re 10 & up.

Reviewed by Marissa, Grade 10


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