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Book Review: Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting


In this fourth Body Finder novel, Violet is still dealing with carrying the imprint of the serial killer she was forced to kill. The haunting music follows her without cease, but bodies continue to call out to her. When she discovers a grisly murder on the way to the beach to meet her friends, they become involved, much to Violet’s dismay. Now, she has to chase a lunatic with a small cult of crackhead killers as well as protect her friends–and herself.

Her world, already different and dangerous, is now not what it seems either. Is there a darker agenda for the group she’s been forced into? What did Violet’s grandmother know that she didn’t share? If those questions and stresses weren’t enough, there’s always the confusing, charismatic, handsome Rafe to cause stress between Violet and her boyfriend Jay.

A twisting plot with action, romance, and suspense, this is a series that I would recommend to any fans of the slightly supernatural. Derting moves the story forward without sacrificing any of the past. Her talent for making the otherworldly seem completely reasonable and realistic is incredible. Age is 11 and up for gore.

Reviewed by Marissa, Grade 10


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