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Book Review: Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan






Llona has distanced herself from her peers her whole life, desperately trying to keep her Light hidden from those hunting her. Finally feeling safe her senior year with her first friends and sorta boyfriend/protector, her world is slashed apart, and she needs to do the forbidden: use her gentle powers for defense.

This is a classic plot with fresh twists. Llona’s strong and independent character is made much more realistic by her bouts of insecurity and crying – and the dismay she has when her tough girl persona wavers. However, some paragraphs seemed poorly written, almost juvenile in their wording and construction. They stuck out and didn’t fit with Llona’s very mature voice. I’d rate this 3 stars — it was okay. I would recommend this to a 12 or older audience, only due to some rather graphic and gory descriptions.

-Reviewed by Marissa, grade 9