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Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells


Kira Walker is a plague baby-one of the last children born before the devastating RM disease was released, causing all newborns to die within 48 hours. After interning in the maternity ward and witnessing firsthand the desperation and desolation the doomed infants cause, she is determined to cure RM and save the dwindling human race. Her plan is to capture one of their greatest enemy, the releasers of RM-the Partials, and study it. Breaking numerous laws, Kira and her loyal band of friends make their way through the dangerous lands held by rebellious human fractions and enter the wild land of the half-robot, incredibly strong Partials.

A transfixing sci-fi tale with a subtle lesson in acceptance, this story is a mixture of the most popular elements-action, romance, and adventure. Kira is a believable character, her intense drive to cure RM offset by her relationship problems with long time boyfriend Marcus. Courageous and confident, she lets her heart take the lead when her head is unsure. Her slow transformation from naive citizen to borderline rebel was perfectly done. I recommend this book to anybody who craves a thrilling and eerily realistic tale that is bound to have a sequel.

I’d rate this four stars — I loved it!

Reviewed by Marissa, age 15


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