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Book Review: Daughter of the Centaurs by K. K. Ross


Malora wants nothing more than to follow in the steps of her father and be the next great horse trainer, regardless of the opinions of her little settlement. On the day her dreams are to be realized, the first day of her instruction with her father, she witnesses an horrific event that will change her life forever. Forced to leave her now bloody and empty town, she slowly acquires a band of horses that she names and trains to respond to her every signal, a necessity to survive in the harsh desert landscape she now roams. Her world is shattered once again when a party of centaurs corrals her family herd and captures her. She must now learn to survive with a whole different range of dangers-those of a centaur court.

Full of raw emotions and heartbreak, one cannot help but feel for Malora as she struggles with the loss of her family, the crushing weight of being the last human, and the difficulties of adjusting to a centaur city. Outspoken and opinionated, she never hesitates to say or do exactly what she feels is best. She is never cowed by the intimidating size of whatever problem faces her, and uses her tenacity to her immense advantage. I recommend this novel to horse lovers everywhere.

Reviewed by Marissa, age 15


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