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Book Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton


When Tiki managers to snatch the queen’s own ring from the confines of Buckingham Palace, she is overjoyed. Finally, she can provide her ragtag family of orphans with a real home. What Tiki doesn’t realize is that the ring is the key to an ancient truce between the Fey and mortals, and now that she has the ring, London is thrown into chaos.

This was a thrilling tale with all of the pieces: action, tension, betrayal and budding romance. The courts of faerie were never completely explained, but that was the only fault I could find. I found the cover intriguing and the audience range is 12-15. This is a captivating tale that gives new life to the age-old tales of faeries.

Each and every character is strongly developed, from Toots to Reiner. The plot could have been predictable, but instead is a twisting labyrinth of lies, threats and the rush of new love. Tiki always follows her heart, even when it leads her down dangerous paths. The descriptions of a beggar’s London are complete and eye opening.

-Marissa, age 15


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