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Book Review: Swear by Nina Malkin


Just when Dice’s life is tipping back towards normal, (aside from her cheerleader-turned-goth cousin) she finds that her powerful gift is required again — this time to locate best friend Marsh’s missing boyfriend. Who is really controlling this twisted game — Dice or Sin? This novel is even more powerful than the first (2009’s Swoon) — the characters pop and the tension of an irritatingly unwanted love traingle makes Dice and Sin’s love sizzle.There was nothing I didn’t like about it. The cover is full of mysterious splashes of foreshadowing — I like it more now I’ve read the book. This is a powerful and enjoyable read. I recommend it to all those who enjoy practical, realistic magic.

Nina Malkin seems to grow stronger as a writer in this second novel. The love triangle she creates is much stronger with an increase in tension and need. All of her charaters are more defined and her descriptions are more vivid. Even Dice’s unique and quirky voice is strenghened. The twists and supernatural elements are very well handled, making Swoon — and all that happens in this little town — more captivating.

-Marissa, age 15


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