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Book Review: The Mark of the Golden Dragon by L.A. Meyer

The daring Jacky Faber is in trouble once again. After she and Ravi are swept overboard in a typhoon and stranded on a tiger-infested beach, they make their way to Rangoon, where she is captured by a merchant who puts her to work in his black market. Desperate to get back to Jaimy, she is shocked when she hears that Jaimy has turned to crime and succumbed to madness.

I like that Jacky is as strong a character as ever. She uses her considerable intelligence to triumph over her opponents with wit, humor and that special Faber touch. I love the drawn covers and prefer them over the newer photographed ones. I don’t like that the books seem to be getting shorter — but maybe I’m reading faster! I always look forward to the next Bloody Jack book. It seems to be the perfect combination of piracy, adventure, humor and romance. Jacky is the perfect heroine because she’s not always such a heroine. She is very relateable and real — the kind of girl I want to be! She always has some original bit to say — and it’s usually funny. Just when I thought Jacky had done all she could, the cunning twist of Jaimy going mad is added! Where will Jacky take him – how will she heal him and how will she heal from the discovery of Jaimy’s love for the now-dead landlord’s daughter? Overall, another stupendous addition to the Bloody Jack series!

Reviewed by Marissa, age 14


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