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Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

(Sequel to Matched. This title will be released on November 1, 2011)

Reeling from the abrupt loss of her Aberration love, Ky, Cassia heads into the treacherous Outer Providences to find him. They seem to always be minutes apart until they finally reunite — only to be torn apart by Cassia’s determination to join the Rebellion and Ky’s misgivings. Ky also has to worry about losing Cassia to Xander because Xander has a secret that could make Cassia his forever.

A powerful novel that makes you wonder about your own capacity for love and hate, this is another moving story about love, death, and the reaches of human cruelty. Ally Condie has a talent for weaving many distinct threads into one startling whole.  I loved the alternating chapters. They gave me an insight into the different ways Cassia and Ky viewed the various situations that arise. Both characters had very strong voices, and the supporting characters like Indie, Eli, Vick, and Hunter are all well-developed and distinct — much more so than in the first book. The cliffhanger ending is clearly meant to support another — I can’t wait!

-Reviewed by Marissa, age 14


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